Overview Edit

Villain Siege is a PVE stage mission type. You can choose up to 3 heroes to fight a stronger villain, giving various rewards including a special Villain Siege currency, Chaos Tokens. You can access Villain Siege after completing Stage 4-1 in Story Mode.


There are three stages in Villain Siege with various Villains rotating between those stages.

  • Easy: Malektih, Bullseye, Green Goblin, Ronan
  • Normal: Destroyer, Maestro, Venom, Kingpin
  • Hard: Doctor Octopus, Loki, Ultron, Yellowjacket


Upon beating the stage, you will get at least 5 prizes. 3 of them are set prizes.

  • Easy: 50,000 gold, 500 Chaos Tokens, 15 clear tickets
  • Normal: 80,000 gold, 500 Chaos Tokens, 25 clear tickets
  • Hard: 110,000 gold, 500 Chaos Tokens, 6 Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) bios

The remaining two prizes are random: One will always be four of a random bio; the second is random and limited to the following: GUKs or another bio.

Additionally, you have the possibility of getting 3 extra prizes if you defeat the Villain with 3 specified characters. Those extra prizes will be random, and will be limited to the following: GUKs, ISO-8 (1 star or 2 star), dimension debris, another bio, gold.

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