Spirit of Vengeance is Ghost Rider's Dimension Rift mission in Marvel Future Fight.


Loki has found another potential ally upon having discovered an alternate version of Ghost Rider, who has been blinded by revenge and wants to create a bloodbath. We need to head off this alliance, fast.

Mission ListEdit

  • Spirit of Vengeance #1 (Recommended 10 - 19 LV)
  • Spirit of Vengeance #2 (Recommended 20 - 29 LV)
  • Spirit of Vengeance #3 (Recommended 30 - 39 LV)
  • Spirit of Vengeance #4 (Recommended 40 - 49 LV)
  • Spirit of Vengeance #5 (Recommended 50 - 59 LV)



  • The Hand Sorcerer (Blast) 
  • The Hand Ninja (Combat)
  • The Hand Elite Ninja (Combat)


  • Ghost Rider (Universal)
Decrease Fire Resist by -15%
Anti-Hero Ability

Item RewardsEdit

  • Biometrics: Ghost Rider
  • Generator: Fire
  • Armor Wars #1 cover pieces
  • Dimension Debris

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