Special Mission rewards Biometrics, each set having a few that can mainly be found there. The only limit on the amount of Biometrics you can get from Special Mission is the Special Mission daily limit and the random chance to get a Biometric on each run.

New AvengersEdit

Chapter Boss Biometric Ally Shifter(s) Hidden Route?
We'll Always Have Paris White Tiger White Tiger Gwenpool No
Jungle Boogie Wiccan Wiccan Gwenpool No
A Green Monster in Shanghai Hulkling Hulkling Gwenpool No
Baked Alaska Songbird Songbird Gwenpool No
New York State of Mind Squirrel Girl Squirrel Girl Gwenpool No

Inhumans Edit

Chapter Boss Biometric Ally Shifter(s) Hidden Route?
Inhuman Visitor Gorgon Gorgon Inferno Yes
Karnak Light up Broadway Karnak Karnak Inferno Yes
Crystal Palace Crystal Crystal Inferno Yes
Savage is as Savage Does Devil Dinosaur Moon Girl Inferno Yes
Homecoming Maximus Maximus Inferno Yes

Notes Edit

Clearing Hidden Routes will give extra rewards such as biometrics, custom gears, Gear up Kits, etc.

Hidden Tickets will give 100% chance at finding a Hidden Route.

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