QuickSilverIcon Quicksilver

Pietro Maximoff (Earth-TRN012) from Marvel Future Fight 001
Real Name Pietro Django Maximoff
Type Speed Speed
Base Tier Tier-2
Species Other
Gender Male
Side Super Hero
Biometrics World Boss
Uniform Classic
Base Stats (Max Stats)
Rank RankStar (MasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStar)
Level 1 (60)
Physical Atk 33 (6753)
Physical Def 18 (4398)
Energy Def 16 (4025)

155 (17937)

6'0" (182.9 cm)
175 lbs (79.4 kg)
Apply to: Self

Attack Speed increases by +3%

Fast Movement
Apply to: Self

Movement Speed increases by +3%

Pietro Maximoff the son of Magneto and twin brother of Scarlet Witch who has superhuman speed as well as accelerated healing ability. Along with his enhanced physical abilities, Pietro has access to his quick intellect allowing him to think at great speeds. Quicksilver can also utilize molecular acceleration and destabilization, a byproduct of his incredible speed, in order to become intangible when necessary.

Gear Info
Improved Boots
Physical Attack ↑ (+20: 792)

Attack Speed ↑ (+20: 632)

Quicksilver Suit
Physical Defense ↑ (+20: 694)

Critical Rate ↑ (+20: 597)

Protective Gloves
Dodge ↑ (+20: 1253)

Critical Damage ↑ (+20: 597)

Speed Metabolism
Movement Speed ↑ (+20: 1229)

Ignore Defense ↑ (+20: 597)

Apply to: All Allies

Increase All Speeds by +1%
Dodge Rate increases by +1%

Passive Skills
Unstoppable Momentum
Apply to: Self

70% chance to penetrate with SUPER ARMOR, BARRIER, ALL DAMAGE IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE effect

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Apply to: Self

Ignores target's Dodge Rate by 50%
Increases Skill damage by 20% and increases Bonus Damage by 35%
Increases Guaranteed Dodge Rate by +45%

Active Skills
Explosive Acceleration (Physical Attack)
102% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 153

Dashes through target, 3 Hit, Small AOE. Ranged, 3 Hit, Ricochets 3 times, Long iframe.

Cooldown Time: 10 seconds

Speed Tornado (Physical Attack)
47% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 31

Ranged, 3x 5 Hit, Small AOE, draws enemies in, strafes around target.

Cooldown Time: 7 seconds

Not Yet? (Physical Attack)
145% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 142

Apply to: Self
Dodge Rate increases by +5% (10 Sec.)
+5% increase of All Attacks (10 Sec.)
5% Recovery of MAX HP (1 Sec.)

Melee, 3 Hit, Strafes repeatedly around target.

Cooldown Time: 15 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStar

Light Speeding (Physical Attack)
50% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 153

Ranged, 31 Hit, Split, Long iframe.

Cooldown Time: 16 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Days of Thunder (Physical Attack)
30% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 31

Apply to: Enemy
Stun (3 Sec.)

Ranged, 19 Hit, Large AOE, Long iframe. Ranged, 12 Hit, Random targets.

Cooldown Time: 12 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Uncanny Avengers
QuickSilverIcon RogueIcon CableIcon

All Defense ↑ +5.2%
Dodge ↑ +4.8%
Physical Attack ↑ +5.0%

House of M
QuickSilverIcon ScarletWitchIcon MagnetoIcon

All Attack ↑ +5.3%
Attack Speed ↑ +5.0%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.7%

X 2 Bonuses:
QuickSilverIconScarletWitchIcon   QuickSilverIconMagnetoIcon   ScarletWitchIconMagnetoIcon

Uncanny Avengers #1
QuickSilverIcon SpiderManIcon RogueIcon

Physical Attack ↑ +5.2%
Ignore Defense ↑ +4.8%
Dodge ↑ +4.7%

Unspoken Battle
QuickSilverIcon GiantManIcon HawkeyeIcon

Physical Attack ↑ +5.1%
Physical Defense ↑ +5.4%
Dodge ↑ +4.7%

X 2 Bonuses:

Cause of Tragedy
QuickSilverIcon CrystalIcon MaximusIcon

All Attack ↑ +5.1%
Movement Speed ↑ +5.0%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.7%

X 2 Bonuses:

Close Siblings
QuickSilverIcon ScarletWitchIcon

All Attack ↑ +5.2%
All Defense ↑ +5.2%

Didn't See That Coming?
QuickSilverIcon HawkeyeIcon

All Defense ↑ +5.2%
Movement Speed ↑ +4.9%

Order of Red Skull
QuickSilverIcon RedSkullIcon

Dodge ↑ +4.9%
Critical Rate ↑ +4.9%

Son of M
QuickSilverIcon MagnetoIcon

Movement Speed ↑ +5.0%
Recovery Rate ↑ +4.8%

Temporary Happiness
QuickSilverIcon CrystalIcon

Movement Speed ↑ +4.9%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.8%

CaptainAmericaIcon Captain America 19% chance to appear when attacking.
HulkIcon Hulk 16% chance to appear when attacked.
IronManIcon Iron Man 16% chance to appear when attacking.
BlackWidowIcon Black Widow 17% chance to appear when attacking.
ThorIcon Thor 10% chance to appear when attacking.
SpiderManIcon Spider-Man 13% chance to appear when attacked.
UltronIcon Ultron 12% chance to appear when attacked.
HawkeyeIcon Hawkeye 15% chance to appear when attacked.
VisionIcon Vision 16% chance to appear when attacking.
BlackBoltIcon Black Bolt 18% chance to appear when attacking.
RonanIcon Ronan 19% chance to appear when attacked.
GiantManIcon Giant-Man 15% chance to appear when attacked.
WaspIcon Wasp 18% chance to appear when attacking.
WiccanIcon Wiccan 22% chance to appear when attacking.
MedusaIcon Medusa 19% chance to appear when attacked.
CrystalIcon Crystal 21% chance to appear when attacking.
CyclopsIcon Cyclops 17% chance to appear when attacking.
JeanGreyIcon Jean Grey 20% chance to appear when attacked.
WolverineIcon Wovlerine 19% chance to appear when attacking.
StormIcon Storm 17% chance to appear when attacking.
BeastIcon Beast 18% chance to appear when attacked.
RogueIcon Rogue 18% chance to appear when attacking.
MagnetoIcon Magneto 20% chance to appear when attacking.
ScarletWitchIcon Scarlet Witch 22% chance to appear when attacked.
CableIcon Cable 21% chance to appear when attacked.


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