MoonGirlIcon Moon Girl

Moon Girl
Real Name Lunella Louise Lafayette
Type Blast Blast
Base Tier Tier-1
Species Inhuman
Gender Female
Side Hero
Biometrics Special Mission: Savage Is as Savage Does
Uniform Marvel Now!
Base Stats (Max Stats)
Rank RankStar (MasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStar)
Level 1 (60)
Physical Atk 18 (4176)
Physical Def 12 (3627)
Energy Def 12 (3627)

89 (13756)

4'0" (121 cm)
75 lbs. (34 kg)
Weapons Master
Apply to: Self

Critical Damage +5%
Critical Rate +3%

4% damage increase to SUPER VILLAIN types
Through just a small child, Lunella Lafayette is the smartest person on Earth. As a human and Inhuman hybrid, Luna possesses vast intelligence and a knack for inventing strange gadgets. After creating her latest invention, the Omni-Wave Projector, Luna opens a portal to Dinosaur World and befriends the monstrous Devil Dinosaur, who aids her in her adventures. Exposure to the Terrigen Mist strengthens the bond between Luna and Devil Dinosaur, as her latent Inhuman powers allow her to swap consciousness with the gigantic beast.

Gear Info
Spring Gloves
Physical Attack (+20: 728)

Attack Speed (+20: 573)

Moon T-Shirts
Physical Defense (+20: 645)

Skill Cooldown (+20: 549)

Roller Skates
Dodge (+20: 1170)

Critical Damage (+20: 525)

Soda Bomb
Critical Rate (+20: 1116)

Ignore Defense (+20: 495)

Brilliant Inventor
Apply to: All team members

All Attack +36%

Passive Skill
Devil Dinosaur
Apply to: Self

Summon an illusion with 120% of the summoner's stats.

Can inflict Stun (3 Sec.)

Cooldown Time: 3 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Devil Roar
Apply to: Self

All Debuff effect +15% and duration +20%
25% increase to all attack and defense of summoned characters,
10% increase to HP, and 10% duration increase of summoned characters
20% increase to Skill Damage, 15% increase to bonus damage

Requires Hero Advancement

Active Skills
Air Raid Siren (Energy Attack)
39% Energy Damage, Add Energy Damage 48

Apply to: Enemy
Silence (3 Sec.)

Ranged, 3 Hit, Small AOE, Jumps into air.

Cooldown Time: 7 seconds

Taser Punch (Lightning Attack)
42% Lightning Damage, Add Lightning Damage 36

Apply to: Enemy
Stun (2 Sec.)
Deals 25% Shock damage every 1 sec (5 Sec.)

Ranged, 5 Hit, Strafes around target.

Cooldown Time: 7 seconds

Soda Bomb (Physical Attack)
66% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 48

Apply to: Enemy
All Speeds -5% (5 Sec.) Apply to: Self
Critical Rate +5.5% (8 Sec.)

Ranged, 3 Hit, Line AOE.

Cooldown Time: 12 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStar

Moon Beam (Energy Attack)
50% Energy Damage, Add Energy Damage 24

Apply to: Enemy
35% chance of missing attack (3 Sec.)

Ranged, 6 Hit, Line AOE.

Cooldown Time: 12 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Bubble Pop (Physical Attack)
23% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 8

Apply to: Enemy
Bind (2 Sec.)

Jumps into air, 18 Hit, Split.

Cooldown Time: 13 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Signing Event
MoonGirlIcon MsMarvelKamalaKhanIcon LunaSnowIcon

Attack Speed ↑ +4.8%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.8%
Ignore Defense ↑ +4.8%

X 2 Bonuses:

Secret Scouts
MoonGirlIcon MsMarvelKamalaKhanIcon DaisyJohnsonIcon

All Defense ↑ +5.1%
Movement Speed ↑ +4.8%
Ignore Defense ↑ +5.0%

X 2 Bonuses:

Network of Contacts

Physical Attack ↑ +5.1%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.8%
All Defense ↑ +5.0%

X 2 Bonuses:
MoonGirlIconMsMarvelKamalaKhanIcon   MoonGirlIconHulkChoIcon

Brains & Brawn

Movement Speed ↑ +5.0%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.7%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.7%

X 2 Bonuses:
MoonGirlIconHulkChoIcon   HulkIconHulkChoIcon

Dinosaur Expedition
MoonGirlIcon VenomIcon

Movement Speed ↑ +5.0%
All Defense ↑ +5.1%

Dino Ball Special
MoonGirlIcon WolverineIcon

Critical Damage ↑ +4.9%
Max HP ↑ +5.2%

Somebody Call a Doctor
MoonGirlIcon DoctorStrangeIcon

All Attack ↑ +5.3%
Crowd Control Time ↓ 4.8%

MoonGirlIcon KidKaijuIcon

Crowd Control Time ↓ 5.0%
Physical Defense ↑ +5.1%

Meet My Little Friend
MoonGirlIcon HulkChoIcon

Critical Rate ↑ +5.0%
Critical Damage ↑ +4.9%

Inhuman Engineers
MoonGirlIcon MaximusIcon

Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%
Energy Defense ↑ +5.1%

Girl Geniuses
MoonGirlIcon IronheartIcon

Dodge ↑ +4.9%
Cooldown Duration ↓ 4.8%

Inhuman Youngsters
MoonGirlIcon MsMarvelKamalaKhanIcon

Max HP ↑ +5.1%
Physical Attack ↑ +5.3%

HulkIcon Hulk 16% chance to appear when attacked.
IronManIcon Iron Man 15% chance to appear when attacked.
BlackBoltIcon Black Bolt 16% chance to appear when attacked.
DaisyJohnsonIcon Daisy Johnson 18% chance to appear when attacking.
HulkChoIcon Hulk (Amadeus Cho) 20% chance to appear when attacking.
MsMarvelKamalaKhanIcon Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) 21% chance to appear when attacking.
SharonRogersIcon Captain America (Sharon Rogers) 22% chance to appear when attacked.
IronheartIcon Ironheart 20% chance to appear when attacking.
MedusaIcon Medusa 19% chance to appear when attacking.
KarnakIcon Karnak 17% chance to appear when attacking.
GorgonIcon Gorgon 20% chance to appear when attacking.
InfernoIcon Inferno 20% chance to appear when attacked.
CrystalIcon Crystal 21% chance to appear when attacked.
KidKaijuIcon Kid Kaiju 20% chance to appear when attacking.
WolverineIcon Wolverine 19% chance to appear when attacked.
MagikIcon Magik 20% chance to appear when attacking.
WaspNadiaVanDyneIcon Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne) 19% chance to appear when attacking.