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Learn about the truth by completing all missions and chapters. You can earn experience, gold, items for upgrade and biometrics. There are 4 type of missions such as Story Mission, Special Mission, Daily Mission and Villain Siege. Each mission can be played with fixed Energy points.

Except Village Siege, you can automatically repeats a mission by consuming Clear Tickets and Energy. Each run will consume a Clear Ticket and Energy. Auto Repeat will be aborted if your Energy points or Clear Tickets run out. 

Story Edit

In Story Mission tab, you can play the storyline missions on the normal difficulty which consists of 10 Main Chapters with 8-10 Sub Chapters for each Main Chapter. You will get a reward of resources at the end of mission. Dimension Shifter character(s) may appear randomly in any mission which you can acquire it automatically once the mission was cleared. Ally Shifters fight with you for the duration of the mission and Enemy Shifters fight against you assisting the boss at the end of the mission.

Each mission normally consumes 4 Energy points. During Energy Reduction Events that include Story, each Story Mission instead consumes 3 Energy points for the duration of the Event.

Special Edit

In Special Mission tab, all heroes’ Biometrics can be found in here. You may enter Special Missions total 10 times a day. Special Mission’s daily entry limit resets every 12:00 AM (UTC +9:00). Each mission consumes 6 Energy points.

Clearing Special Missions will grant player some Chapter Achievement Points. Once Chapter Achievement Points reaches 100%, player may consume those points and activate unlimited entry time for certain hours. During the unlimited entry time, clearing more Special Missions does not grant you more Chapter Achievement Points.

Daily Edit

In Daily Mission tab, you played the daily missions to earn rewards in the form of ISO-8. It can only be unlocked once Normal 4-1 mission was cleared. You can play up to 5 daily missions everyday and each mission consumes 6 Energy points.

Villain Siege Edit

In Villain Siege tab, you can play against various villains in 9 stages who seeking ISO-8. It can only be accessed once Normal 4-10 is cleared. Clearing all 9 Villain Siege stages will grant you 1,500 Chaos Tokens.

World Boss Edit

World Boss are the End Game content of MFF. You'd need 6* heroes to participate in them. They are hard in the beginning, but with the right combination of heroes and team soon you'll be a pro at finishing them. It is advisable to use high level geared heroes with good ISO sets and team to have a better chance at World Boss.

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