Overview Edit

ISO-8 is a strange item that first appeared on Earth after some peculiar events. There are n specific details about the origin of ISO-8 but after much research of it was discovered that it enhanced any objects it was combined with.

ISO-8 can be equipped to you characters to increase their stats.

The amount of ISO-8 that can be equipped to a character increases as they level up. You start with 1 slot open, gaining extra slots at levels 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50, giving a total available slots of 8. Once equipped, you have to pay Crystals to unequipped without destroying the ISO-8. The amount of Crystals needed to unequipped rises with the level.


You can enhance ISO-8 to raises the bonuses they give, using other ISO-8 and money. Once you have enhanced them as much as is allowed, you can combine them with another +5 piece of the same rank to increase it's rank.

Mission ScheduleEdit

Day Color rewarded Stat raised Boss
Sunday Red (Amplifying) All Attack / Energy Attack Elektra (Speed)
Monday Blue (Impregnable) All Defense / Physical Defense Venom (Combat)
Tuesday Green (Absorbing) All Defense / Energy Defense Red Skull (Blast)
Wednesday Orange (Vital) HP M.O.D.O.K (Blast)
Thursday Yellow (Fierce) Critical Rate Malekith (Blast)
Friday Purple (Nimble) Dodge Doctor Octopus (Combat)
Saturday Silver (Powerful) All Attack / Physical Attack Ultron (Universal)
Daily Multi-Colored (Chaotic) Any stat possible Availible in every mission


Set Bonus Name Set Type Set Effect Activation Rate
Hawk's Eye ISO-8 All Attack ↑ +8.5%

Critical Rate ↑ +8.5%

Dodge ↑ +8.1%

Cool Down Time ↓ 8.1%

  • 12% rate when attacking
  • All Attack +40% (20 Sec.)
Stark Backing ISO-8 All Defense ↑ +8.5%

Max HP ↑ +8.5%

Dodge ↑ +8.1%

Recovery Rate ↑ +8.1%

Crowd Control Time ↓ 8.1%

  • 15% rate when hit
  • Max HP Recovery 32% ↑

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