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30px Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)

Real Name Roberto Reyes
Type Universal Universal
Base Tier Tier-1
Species Human
Gender Male
Side Hero
Biometrics Dimension Chest
Uniform Marvel Now!
Base Stats (Max Stats)
Rank RankStar (MasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStarMasteryStar / Tier 2)
Level 1 (60)
Energy Atk 20 (4786 / 6166)
Physical Def 14 (3533 / 4399)
Energy Def 15 (3710 / 4619)

105 (13920 / 16162)

5'11" (180 cm)
180 lbs. (82 kg)
Fast Movement
Apply to: Self

Movement Speed +3%

Apply to: Self

Fire Resist +10%
Fire Damage +3%

As a talented young mechanic, Robbie takes it upon himself to work at Canelo's Garage in order to support his disabled younger brother, Gabe. Desperate to change their lives for the better, Robbie enters an underground street race. However, when the race doesn't end as planned, Robbie is killed by the cartel and alter resurrected by the spirit haunting the car he borrowed, Eli Morrow. Not only does Morrow resurrect Robbie, he embeds himself in Robbie's psyche and gives him the power to transform into the All-New Ghost Rider!

Gear Info
Knife Chain
Energy Attack (+20: 784)

Critical Rate (+20: 513)

Racer Jacket
Energy Defense (+20: 659)

Skill Cooldown (+20: 507)

Racer Pants
HP (+20: 2577)

Crowd Control Time (+20: 531)

Hell Ride
Attack Speed (+20: 1134)

Movement Speed (+20: 525)

Fiery Offense
Apply to: All team members

Ignore target's Dodge Rate by 10%

Passive Skill
Flame Retardant
Apply to: Self

80% chance to be immune to Fire Damage

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

All-New Ghost Rider
Apply to: Self

Increases Skill damage by 18% and increases Bonus Damage by 15% Increases Guaranteed Critical Rate by +25%
Increases Guaranteed Dodge Rate by +20%

Requires Hero Advancement

Active Skills
Chain Lash (Fire Attack)
167% Fire Damage, Add Fire Damage 142

Melee, 2 Hit, Small AOE, Pushback.
Melee, 2 Hit.

Cooldown Time: 7 seconds

Torque Chain (Fire Attack)
69% Fire Damage, Add Fire Damage 142

Melee, 6 Hit, Pushback.

Cooldown Time: 8 seconds

Demon Bind (Fire Attack)
96% Fire Damage, Add Fire Damage 142

Apply to: Self
Increase All Speeds by 10% (10 Sec.)

Melee, 13 Hit, Small AOE, Jump into air.

Cooldown Time: 15 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStar

Tire Scorcher (Fire Attack)
60% Fire Damage, Add Fire Damage 142

Apply to: Enemy
Bind (3 Sec.) Apply to: Self
Guards against 2 Hits (5 Sec.)

Melee, 4 Hit, Jumps into air.
Ranged, 3 Hit, Sideways Line AOE.

Cooldown Time: 13 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Hell Racer (Fire Attack)
90% Fire Damage, Add Fire Damage 142

Melee, 2 Hit, Jumps into air.
Ranged, 3 Hit, Line AOE.
Ranged, 12 Hit, Small AOE.

Cooldown Time: 15 seconds

Required Rank: RankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStarRankStar

Burning Skulls
120px GhostRiderIcon DormammuIcon

Movement Speed ↑ +5.0%
Attack Speed ↑ +4.9%
Energy Attack ↑ +5.1%

X 2 Bonuses:

Horsepower Heroes
120px HulkChoIcon

Physical Defense ↑ +5.1%
Energy Defense ↑ +5.3%

Inner Demons
120px GreenGoblinIcon

All Attack ↑ +5.2%
Energy Defense ↑ +5.2%

Secret Tag Team
120px MsMarvelKamalaKhanIcon

Max HP ↑ +5.4%
Dodge ↑ +4.9%

Ghost Riders
120px GhostRiderIcon

Physical Defense ↑ +5.4%
Energy Defense ↑ +5.1%


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