Furious Beast is Black Panther's Dimension Rift mission in Marvel Future Fight.


The Black Panther is filled with rage towards the multiple countries that were set on going to war with Wakanda over their supply of Vibranium. Stop him before he joins Loki.

Mission ListEdit

  • Furious Beast #1 (Recommended 10 - 19 LV)
  • Furious Beast #2 (Recommended 20 - 29 LV)
  • Furious Beast #3 (Recommended 30 - 39 LV)
  • Furious Beast #4 (Recommended 40 - 49 LV)
  • Furious Beast #5 (Recommended 50 - 59 LV)


Mobs Edit

  • Armored Assassin (Blast)
  • Thug (Combat)
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Level 2 Spy (Combat)
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Level 2 Infiltrator

Boss Edit

  • Black Panther (Combat)
Anti-Hero Ability

Item RewardsEdit

  • Biometrics: Black Panther
  • Booster: Critical
  • The Punisher #19 cover pieces
  • Dimension Debris

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