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Overview Edit

The Custom Gear slot is unlocked at level 30 for a Character. It is the 5th gear slot. You can get Custom Gear from a Dimension Rift. Consult the Dimension Rift page to find which Custom Gear comes from which Dimension Rift.

To see the type of a special damage for a Hero Skill, click on one of your heroes, go to SKILL, next to "ACTIVE" it says the type, so Iron Man's Repulsor Blast is ENERGY type.

The damage types are: Physical, Energy, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison and Mind.

Types of Custom GearEdit

Custom Gear from Dimension Rifts have random bonuses with random values. You can upgrade a piece of Custom Gear into an Obelisk at the cost of 5 pieces of Custom Gear and 40,000 Gold. You can further upgrade an Obelisk into a High Obelisk at the cost of 10 pieces of Custom Gear and a total of (?) Gold.

A Custom Gear has one random bonus from the following table. An Obelisk has two random bonuses from the following table. The same bonus can be on the same Obelisk twice. High Obelisks have the two random bonuses from the Gear and Obelisk table, as well as a random proc from the High Obelisk table.

Bonus Type Value Range
Fear Resist N/A
Movement Speed ↓ Resist
Snare Resist
Stun Resist
Web Resist
Immune to Guard Break
Cold Resist 6-30%
Fire Resist
Lightning Resist
Mind Resist
Poison Resist
Increase Cold Damage 6-30%
Increase Fire Damage
Increase Lightning Damage
Increase Mind Damage
Increase Poison Damage
All Defense 10-20%
Critical Damage 10-21%
Critical Rate 10-21%
Defense Penetration 8-15%
Dodge 10-21%
Hit the Mark1 6-30%
Recovery Rate 19-60%

Proc Condition Effect Value


Cool down
HP below 20% Invincible 12
HP Below 30% Invincible 12
HP Below 30% Max HP Recovery 5,8 or 10% 20
While Attacking - 5% rate Energy Attack X% Energy Damage 100-140%, (10) 7
While Getting Hit - 10% rate Physical Attack X% Physical Damage 65-90% (5) 5
While Attacking - 5% rate Freeze Enemy X Seconds,

Add Energy Attack Y% Cold Damage

1-3 (1)

50-70% (5)

While Attacking - 5% rate Increase Damage by X% for 1 times (5 seconds) 100-140% (10) 10
While Getting Hit - 10% rate Physical Shield with X% Maximum Health (10 seconds) 6-10% (1) 15
While Getting Hit - 10% rate Energy Shield with X% Maximum Health (10 seconds) 6-10% (1) 15


  1. "Hit the Mark" is the same as "Dodge Ignore"

This video explains a lot of practical details, but is old and references the old style Custom Gear:

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