Clear Tickets are an item that allows you to automaticly complete certain kinds of missions. You can do this in two ways: You can select a team and it will send them through the level in real time to gain experience and other rewards. For Story missions, you can immediately complete missions for their rewards but not experience.


The following missions can be auto-run by using Clear Tickets:

  • Story Missions
  • Special Missions
  • Daily Missions
  • Dimension Rifts
  • Co-op Play


  • 150 from Daily rewards every 28 days
  • 40 from Villain Siege - 15 from 1st, 25 from 2nd
    • Also occansionally given as Bonus rewards
  • Alliance Battle, once certain milestones are reached
  • Capturing Dimensional Criminals daily achievement - Villain Siege Participate X 1
  • Steady Arrest weekly achivement - Villain Siege Participate X 5
  • From the Store
    • 100 for 200 Crystals - 3 of these can be bought per day.
    • Some Packages give some clear tickets