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Spirit of Vengeance is Blade's Dimension Rift mission in Marvel Future Fight.


Blade is no longer a force against vampires, but is instead as bloodthirsty as the worst of them. We need to stop his vampiric feast before he starts.

Mission ListEdit

  • Bloodthirsty #1 (Recommended 10 - 19 LV)
  • Bloodthirsty #2 (Recommended 20 - 29 LV)
  • Bloodthirsty #3 (Recommended 30 - 39 LV)
  • Bloodthirsty #4 (Recommended 40 - 49 LV)
  • Bloodthirsty #5 (Recommended 50 - 59 LV)



  •  The Hand Sorceror (Blast)
  •  The Hand Ninja (Combat)
  •  The Hand Elite Ninja (Combat)


  • Blade (Combat)

Item RewardsEdit

  • Biometrics: Blade
  • Booster: Recovery
  • Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #2 cover pieces
  • Dimension Debris

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