Compete your score against other alliances in Alliance Battle. Alliance Battle often requires certain type, gender, or other requirements to join. Entry requirement refreshes every day. You can joining Alliance Battle in “Alliance” or “Arena” Menu.

To join Alliance Battle, you need to make up a team of 3 characters that meet the requirement of each day. Don’t forget that there is a daily limit to the entry. Defeat your foes one swarm after another and you will earn certain amount of points. You will be facing stronger enemies as you continue your fight.

Longer survival in the arena grants you greater rewards. Alliance Ranking will be determined by the total score of each alliance member acquired. Rewards will be sent out every Friday 1:00 (UTC+0). You may not receive the rewards if you joined your Alliance after the weekly ranking is refreshed.

Schedule Edit

Day (UTC +0) Normal Criteria Normal Type Extreme Criteria Extreme Type
Friday (Round 1) None Meteorite Battle Combat, Super Villain Frost Beast can inflict Silence and Movement Speed down (6 Sec.)
Saturday (Round 2) Combat Boss Battle None Frost Beast can use Barrier; Guards against 20 Hits (40 Sec.)
Sunday (Round 3) Blast Boss Battle Universal, Super Hero Frost Beast can inflict Blind (30%, 10 Sec.)
Monday (Round 4) Speed Meteorite Battle Combat, Super Hero Frost Beast can inflict Snare (3 Sec.)
Tuesday (Round 5) Universal Boss Battle Blast, Male Frost Beast can use Barrier; Guards against 20 Hits (40 Sec.)
Wednesday (Round 6) Female Meteorite Battle Universal, Super Villain
Thursdays (Round 7) Super Villain Boss Battle Speed, Super Hero Frost Beast has high evasion.

Reward Edit

Weekly Ranking Reward Edit

Rank Gold LV5 EXP Chip Selector: Biometrics
1 500,000 50 15
2 400,000 45 10
3 300,000 40 5
4 - 10 200,000 35 -
11 - 50 100,000 30 -
0% ~ 1% 80,000 25 -
2% ~ 5% 70,000 20 -
6% ~ 10% 60,000 15 -
11% ~ 30% 50,000 10 -
31% ~ 50% 40,000 5 -
  • Weekly MVP Reward ~ 5500 Crystal

Note: All alliance members will be rewarded to the Alliance Weekly Rank. An Alliance member who places first in Alliance Victories will gain an additional MVP reward.

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